Leonardo's Legacy

How can any single individual create the Mona Lisa, study the flow of blood in the human heart, and construct functional flying machines? How does a Renaissance artist adopt a satellite perspective in drawing street maps that can still be used today? How does a dandy and visionary from the village of Vinci—a committed vegetarian and pacifist—develop weapons of mass destruction for use by bloodthirsty tyrants? Stefan Klein takes readers on a fascinating journey through time to the world of the great genius Leonardo, providing a unique glimpse into the mind of this inventor, scientist, and pioneer of a new world, and highlighting the myriad insights to be gained from him.

Hohlräume Gehirn 
Leonardo was the first modern man. He designed functioning robots and digital computers, and built the first heart valve. Today we revere Leonardo as a painter who revolutionized the art of the Renaissance, but his contemporaries hailed him as a researcher whose trailblazing discoveries ushered in a new era and devised a new mode of thinking. Leonardo da Vinci’s intuitive and ingenious approach linked highly diverse areas of inquiry in startling new ways, with no holds barred.


Stefan Klein deciphers the forgotten legacy of this universal genius and persuasively demonstrates that today, more than ever, we have so much to learn from Leonardo’s way of thinking. Klein sheds light on the mystery of the Mona Lisa, takes us through the many facets of Leonardo’s fascination with water, and explains the true significance of his dream of flying. Stefan Klein tells a story with profound consequences for ourselves, a story of longing, triumph, and defeat.


Alter Leo