Time (US Title:The Secret Pulse of Time)

 Our modern lives are ruled by minutes and hours. We race from one thing to the next, all of us believing on some level that a mysterious cosmic force called 'time' is ticking on. And it's always short in supply.

But is the time we live really like that? Could there be in fact another, alternative version entwined with the official one? Stefan Klein explores the hidden story of time, looking at everything form when the present becomes the past to the tribe that sees the future backwards, from when sex is best to why the years seem to speed by as we age. And he reveals how we can learn to live in harmony with the secret clock within us, altering our perceptions to transform our lives.

With his unerring eye for telling detail, Stefan Klein effortlessly combines original investigation and reportage, personal revelation, and a wide-ranging, commanding presentation of scientific research among disciplines including brain physiology, social psychology, philosophy, and Einsteinian physics - with the goal of guiding us not only to better master time but also to understand why we so often fail to do so.

To be enjoyed in the morning or the evening(depending on your body clock), this book will make you think the next time you check your watch - and maybe even slow down a little.

English Translation: Shelley Frisch