Quotes on "The Science of Happiness"

Stefan Klein explains in a thrilling and illustrative way the complex biochemical basics of what we experience as delight, desire, love, lust and friendship on the surface of our organisms. 
Die Welt on "The Science of Happiness" 

Very worth reading.
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung 

“When you’ve finished reading this book, the inside of your head will look different,” promises Stefan Klein. And he’s right. 
Der Spiegel 

It is an extremely well-written, easy-to-read and expertly researched book on a theme which has long been begging for pop-science treatment. The author is one of Germany’s leading popular science writers and enjoys a very high reputation throughout Europe. 
Alison Abbott, Nature Magazine 

Stefan Klein’s  "The Science of Happiness" is a summary of knowledge that could fill entire libraries: why and how the good feelings are produced. The result is no manual with cheap tricks but a tool for self-recognition. 

  “[H]appiness is something you can practice—that you can get better at—not just a passive experience that happens to you.… Stefan Klein, PhD, asserts that people are ‘programmed for positive feelings’…and you can strengthen the circuits for positive feelings by seeking out situations that make you happy. In effect, happiness can become a self-reinforcing habit…. As for what makes people happy, friendship and love trump money and status.”
Andrew Weil, M.D.