Stefan Klein as a speaker

Stefan Klein Vortrag


Stefan Klein is much in demand as a keynote speaker. Here are some of his topics:  


  • The Science of Happiness
  • The Economy of Happiness: What Drives Us in an Interconnected World
  • Dreams: What They Are, What They Tell about You, How They Can Inspire You
  • A New Culture of Time: Coping With an Ever-Accelerating World
  • Survival of the Nicest: Why Values Pay Off
  • When Opportunity Knocks: Transforming Risks into Lucky Breaks
  • Leonardo's Legacy: What You Can Learn From One of the Greatest Geniuses Who Ever Lived
  • Being Present: On the miracles and the pitfalls of mindfulnes


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Some references: AstraZeneca, the Austrian Parliament, BMW,  European Commission, Financial Times, Max-Planck-Society, Munich Re, Siemens, The World Bank

Languages: English and German

Stefan Klein donates 50 % of all his lecture fee to UNICEF, the United Nation's Fund for assistance to children in developing countries.

A calendar of upcoming events and an archive of past events is found  here.