All by Chance

We try to master the chaos in our lives, but cannot escape accidents. The line in which we wait takes longest to proceed, our job is prone to be sacrificed to a fusion of companies. As the world is getting more and more complex, we seem to be at the mercy of coincidences.

In this book, a best seller in many countries, Stefan Klein explains the mechanisms of chance and coincidence - and reflects on how can we make use of the possibilities unpredictable events offer.

While scientists in the past were frightened by the chaos in the universe, they now come to see creativity in the random. It is the creator of chance and luck. It can instantaneously make us happy. In "All by Chance"l, Stefan Klein presents the latest research on coincidence – and newest insights into why the faith in a higher force such as destiny or fortune is programmed so deeply in our brains. We are afraid of things we cannot plan. But in Stefan Klein’s new book we can learn to deal with the accidental and make friends with chance.