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Stefan Klein as a speaker

Stefan Klein Vortrag


Stefan Klein is much in demand as a keynote speaker. Here are some of his topics:  


  • The Science of Happiness
  • The Economy of Happiness: What Drives Us in an Interconnected World
  • Dreams: What They Are, What They Tell about You, How They Can Inspire You
  • A New Culture of Time: Coping With an Ever-Accelerating World
  • Survival of the Nicest: Why Values Pay Off
  • When Opportunity Knocks: Transforming Risks into Lucky Breaks
  • Leonardo's Legacy: What You Can Learn From One of the Greatest Geniuses Who Ever Lived
  • Being Present: On the miracles and the pitfalls of mindfulnes


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Some references: AstraZeneca, the Austrian Parliament, BMW,  European Commission, Financial Times, Max-Planck-Society, Munich Re, Siemens, The World Bank

Languages: English and German

Stefan Klein donates 50 % of all his lecture fee to UNICEF, the United Nation's Fund for assistance to children in developing countries.

A calendar of upcoming events and an archive of past events is found  here.


Stefan Klein als Redner

Stefan Klein Vortrag

Stefan Klein ist ein viel gefragter Redner auf  öffentlichen und geschlossenen Veranstaltungen.

Termine kommender und ein Archiv vergangener öffentlicher Veranstaltungen finden Sie hier.

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